Greek life is all about engendering a sense of community within that organization, on campus, and in the community. Sororities are groups of women who join together to offer fellowship, academic support, leadership training, participation in campus activities, service to the community and the University, and preparation for future careers. They expand all across the United States and internationally forming chapters, supporting causes, and forging life-long relationships that would not otherwise be present. Greek Life has a strong and rich tradition impacting campuses and the world-at-large.

Lambda Omicron Chi Christian Sorority, Inc. has taken the Greek Life a step further by establishing a christian based atmosphere for those people who desire to connect themselves with people of like faith who serve the same God. 

Instead of limiting ourselves to just the campus. Lambda Omicron Chi also has open membership to those who are non-academic and categorizes them with the Graduate Chapter whose main focus is to not only to oversee Undergraduate affairs but also to make a large impact on the community.

Many sororities are most likely on campus and is highly involved with engaging with the students. Members participate as leaders and hoste events that promote leadership development and academic excellence as well matriculating interested mprospects into their sorority. It has been studied that majority of who join a sorority will be productive in every area of their life and begin to widen their scope of purpose on the campus. 

Lambda Omicron Chi endeavors to plant on every campus (and community) possible to be the light in the dark places. We understand that leadership development is necessary for membership advancement as it takes leaders of excellence to birth and influence others to be leaders of excellence. And those who perceive to be leadership quality will always catch the vision and desire to expand more through community outreach and campus involvement. To impact a person, you must be a giver and supporter.


One of the main efforts of a sorority is to have outreach in the community and to support important causes. Some sororities focus on only one cause while others may focus on numberous other causes like Domestic Violence, Breast Cancer, or Mental Illness. Members also host philanthropic events throughout the year that brings awareness and ask for donations for their specific philanthropies. 
Events such as Adopt-A-Spot, Habitat for Humanity, and the like are just some of the major community-based programs that Lambda Omicron Chi engage in.  Moreover, our main philanthropy is raising awareness towards Ovarian Cancer and supporting the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

Having a social life is one of the perks of being in a Sorority. This form of environment affords you new friendships and social interaction with various people from different backgrounds, social statuses, races and nationalities. It broadens your  mindset towards cultural diversity and engenders a positive environment that would strengthen life-long friendships and personal  and academic development.
Lambda Omicron Chi is dedicated to planning events that not only cater to you having a social life, but a social atmosphere that will not influence you to step outside the boundaries of your faith in Jesus Christ.  We desire that as born-again believers that we would have a holistic, exciting, and fulfilling life in Him

Greek letter organizations are mainly supported through membership dues and donations given by the community. Each sorority carries their own assessmen fees that may include one-time initiation fees and monthly and/or yearly local and national fees. Some sororities have pledging fees that range from $1000.00 to a whopping $2500. These fees are established to cover chapter affairs like a chapter house if one exists on the campus, chapter events, scholarships, social activities, operating expenses, and in many cases national/international organization dues, insurance, and Panhellenic and Inter-fraternity Council dues (if applicable). Payment plans may be available in some organizations/chapters. 

Lambda Omicron Chi incurs intake fees and financial obligations are necessary for the advancement of the organization.  Our current intake fee is only $700.00 which includes national and chapter membership dues for one year, administrative costs, training materials and correspondence for, during, and after the intake session, paraphernalia for the member, finances for the Public Induction Ceremony, and for outreach to the chapter and nationally sponsored community service projects

Since the 1800's, sororities have existed making their stamp in the world with a continuing legacy. The young adult generation at-large feels a continuing to belong to a group where they can collectively make change on their campus and in their community. Parents have been huge supporters, appreciating the values and standards that sororities have, and making ways for their children to join. College administrators has also recognized the importance of this type of community on campuses and have welcomed them over the years. 
Lambda Omicron Chi, called by God to impact generations, will have an eternal impact on those who become a member and on those who have been ministered to in some way through this organization.  Our legacy is that souls would be won, lives would be changed, communities would be impacted, and nations would realize that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Let the legacy continue!

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